Running Backup every night and day

Hello everyone,

at the moment I am running incrementeal Image Backups every night between 20:00 and 05:00.
Working finde.

But now I also want to run a Backup every day at 11:00. How do I need to configure it?

I already have set up the Time Range to

And the incremental Intervall to “0.01” (just for testing, normaly 0.03 should be enough). But nothing happens - only the night backup runs

I think there’s a separator missing, please see:

It explicitly covers setting two windows.

… the backup intervals can be specified for different time intervals by combining them with a backup window (see previous section 8.3.1) separated by “@”. …

Probably a plan to read the linked section, it includes some examples.

The comma in a backup window range joins elements of the same type. For example, a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule would be 1,3,5/18:00-20:00. As your twice a day schedule occurs on the same days, you could express it as 1-7/20:00-05:00,11:00-11:30, using the comma to join the two time ranges. If you wanted the 11:00 backup only Monday through Friday, use a semicolon to separate the different day/time group, as in 1-7/20:00-05:00;1-5/11:00-11:30.

In your example, the Full and Incremental intervals for file backups should be set to 10.1 hours (10 hours and 6 minutes) so backups occurring during the first window expire before the second window opens. Your overnight range covers 10 hours, so setting the intervals less than that can cause multiple backups for individual sets during the overnight window.

Note that a backup taken at 11:00 will not expire until 21:06, and backups taken after 01:24 will not expire before the end of the daytime window at 11:30. As a result, no backups will start during the first hour of your night window except for sets which missed the previous daytime window. Similarly, no backups will start during the daytime window for sets with backups occurring after 1:24 during the night window.

If having additional backups is not a problem for you, then setting the backup intervals shorter will give more sets an opportunity to backup twice a day.