Retention Strategy

I use Urbackup it is a very good tool.

But i am lost whith policy retention.
Actually my setings are

intervalle pour la sauvegarde incrémentielle de fichiers:12 hours
Intervalle pour la sauvegarde complète de fichiers: 7 days
Nombre maximal de sauvegardes fichiers incrémentielles: 7
Nombre minimal de sauvegardes fichiers incrémentielles: 2
Nombre maximal de sauvegardes fichiers complètes: 4
Nombre minimal de sauvegardes fichiers complètes: 2

I notice that i have actually whith this policy about 1 month retention
Whith 1600Go maximum used on my backup store (on a 3TB Disk)

i would like change my policy fir having better retention

Ideally i would like to have

  • 2 backups per day during 1 month (inc ?)
  • 1 backup per month during 12 Month (full ?)

How can i set my policy to have this ?
I think
interval increm : 12 hours
interval full : 31 days
Mini incr : 62
max inc : 62
Mini full : 12
Maxi Full : 12

Do you think 3TB will be enough for this policiy ?

No answer for this question ?

A little math is necessary:
Full Backup = X (Gb: Current + growth rate over last year / 12)
Incremental = Y (Gb: Max Size Changes)
If (X * 12) + (Y * 62) = Z
If Z > 3,000 then 3TB isn’t adequate

Yes, there is some wiggle room. But do you want to plan your backups around wiggle room?

Thanks a lot for answer
I have a another disk about 3To

I could do a jumbo disk
Do you think i Can extend backup storage to add disk without Lost backup data ?

Best method was mdraid jbod or lvm aggregate 2 PVS

You could use the file backups (incremental) for the daily ones.
Then use image backup (full) for the monthly ones.

This allow more flexibility in configuring the backup.

For retention strategies like you are thinking about, perhaps go away from full/inc and use the archival feature. Think about how long and how often you want to archive data for and then add archival rules for that?