Retain full client / source path in backup destination

I noticed that the client folder path is not saved in the backup. I haven’t found a setting for this. Is this possible?

For example in the client included folders might look like:


And then in the backup there will be the following directory without including the parent folder’s path.


I am new to using UrBackup and so far am really enjoying and appreciating this software. Thank you so much!

It’s stored in the files in .hashes/DIR/.dir_metadata

I see that now, thank you for pointing it out. In that case am I correct to assume there is no option to preserve the directory structure in the backup folder structures?

Have you looked at the Backups tab? Each selected backup folder has the directories and files stored under it in a re-creation of the original structure. If you want a complete directory tree of the drive, use an Image backup. You can mount an Image (size limitations apply) and see the entire contents of the drive, less those items excluded by Windows shadow copy service.

By design, UrBackup splits the contents of the files (the bits) from the metadata such as date/time stamps and where the file is located. This allows efficient deduplication at the file level, keeping only a single copy of the ‘bits’ and referencing them in the individual backups. An identical file, saved on multiple machines in various locations, thus only needs to take up a single instance in the Server storage.

If you only backup one mountpoint or backup without snapshots you could backup /, then select the stuff to backup via “Include files”… that would give you the directory structure you desire.