Resuming incomplete full file backups

What happens when a full file backup is interrupted (either because the client disconnects, or the server is restarted), and subsequently another full backup is started?
From what I see in urbackup.log, for a ~200GB backup, when the second backup starts a lot of files are downloaded from the client, hashed, and linked to already existing files. It’s like the server downloads again the files already saved in the previous run - but I might be wrong. Is this the normal behaviour?

If the client is restarted/disconnects the backup is “resumed” (as incremental backup). If the server is restarted it is not resumed and you’ll see the described behaviour.

Hi uroni,

is there any option to “force resume” ? I have to backup 2TB and the backup window exceedes the Online time of the Client by far!
thx for your anser