Restoring to different hardware

Is UrBackup capable of restoring its backup to a different PC (like Macrium Reflect’s ReDeploy option) or must it be the very same PC from which the backup was created?

There is an option to restore to different hardware that should work.


Thanks for your reply.

My problem now is that I only have a Macrium Reflect backup file that when restored produces a Blue Screen because of the different hardware. Since I don’t have a UrBackup file (and I assume it cannot read my Macrium backup file) I think I’m now forced to use the Macrium ReDeploy software - is that correct?


I have no idea how Macrium Reflect works, but I would assume so. What file format is the MR image?

That’s the problem: Macrium (like UrBackup, I assume) uses their own proprietary format when creating their backup file.

UrBackup backs up to a standard VHD or VHDX file. No special software needed to access. You can even open the image in File Explorer.

Good to know.
Just need to further investigate how good UrBackup is at restoring to different hardware.
Your reply that it “should” work didn’t give me a warm & cozy feeling.
Thanks for your input.


I did restore to different hardware for about 5 times, 4 times it worked ;-).
When it didn’t work it was from xen virtualizer to kvm virtualizer (Problems with the IDE-Subsystem). The other 4 times it was on real hardware.
You should try it out yourself…

Can confirm, backed up physical and restored to virtual, worked even though hardware was definitely not the same.

I think you have to add the Windows version to the reports. Could be Windows got better at this.

Did you use the ReDeploy option in the Macrium paid version?

Did you have to use the HOME version (or better) which contains the ReDeploy feature in the boot disk you created?