Restoring to another client

Is it possible to restore files to another client? I have downloaded the client from the web interface and installed it (Linux) but the client simply says that no backup server is found:
Error starting restore. No backup server found.

I’ve checked and firewalls on both ends are open for server/client. Am I missing something? The documentation doesn’t appear to cover this specific scenario as far as I can tell?

It would also be useful to perform a restore on another client generally. For example, if I have clients A, B and C all being backed up and then client A dies. It would be useful to be able to restore files for client A to clients B or C. Is something like this possible?

I suppose, as a last resort - is there anything to stop me performing an rsync from the ‘current’ directory for that client from the UrBackup storage path?

What version of UrBackup are you running?

What I do when I need to restore files (not the image itself) is to remote into the machine and copy the files off; however, if you are trying to load up a huge file list then I could see the issue with that method.

I’m running 2.0.38.

So you remote into the backup server, you mean?


You could try (if you have a tester, or if you want to just upgrade your production server) upgrading to the 2.1.11 beta. Maybe see if it is a problem with the current version of UrBackup.

Not sure about the newest version but before the thing preventing you from rsyncing stuff was permissions - all the files on UrBackup server were owned by urbackup with generic RWX stamped on them (644?). If you need specific permissions and simple change of ownership is not enough then that way sucks :frowning: