Restoring issue

Here is my setup
Server 1 – V 2.1.20 OS server 2012
Server 2 – v1.4.8 OS server 2012
Server 3 – v1.4.12 OS server 2012
Server 4 – v2.1.20 OS server 2012
Server 5 – v1.4.14 OS server 2012
Server 6 – v2.1.20 OS server 2016
All on separate subnets but the same vlan
Now they all backup just fine the problem occurs when trying to restore
Booting to the restore CD only server 4 will respond if I take server 4 offline, one of the other 2.1 servers will respond but the older servers never do
Process I use boot to recovery after the initial server scan click cancel enter server ip/hostname of the target server I want to get the image from but no matter what ip/hostname server 4 responds this worked perfectly until I put the second v2.1.20 server online I have also used restore CD’s 1.2 – 2.0.2

Do all the servers have a admin password configured? If you have servers without admin mixed with some without the restore cd may have problems.

They all have the same admin user and pass

Just an FYI i upgraded all server to 2.2.11 the issue seems to be resolved