Restoring Image from PXE


i managed to boot urbackup.iso from PXE to restore many stations without burning CDROM …
If your network card is managed by UrBakup-Live-Restore, then from a tftp server you can :

0- Set a tftp server with dhcp working
1- unzip the UrBakup-Live-Restore ISO in a directory called urbackup ( )
2- edit your pxelinux.cfg/default file as below (replace the ip address of the server) :

LABEL UrBackup Restore
kernel urbackup/live/vmlinuz
append initrd=urbackup/live/initrd.img boot=live config username=urbackup fetch=t

Then the magic happens …

Martin, your work is great !!

Thanks! Put it into the wiki:


You can also use the latter debian 7 network install ISO vmlinuz and initrd. The benefit is this enables you to use hostnames and supporting later hardware. I also use the toram option and load over http which is faster than tftp - probably not a big issue for such a small image but it helps.


LABEL URbackup
Menu Label ^UrBackup
kernel vmlinuz
append initrd=initrd.img boot=live config username=urbackup toram noswap fetch=http://tftp/urbackup/filesystem.squashfs

I’ve updated the wiki with this information. Can you check if everything is correct? ( )

I have managed to get it working on NOC-PS if anyone is interested

Cache folder on disk: urbackup
ISO file:

PXE Script

kernel http://$server/proxy.php/live/vmlinuz2 boot=live username=urbackup union=aufs noswap noprompt vga=788 fetch=http://$server/proxy.php/live/filesystem.squashfs live-config ocs_live_keymap=NONE ocs_lang=en_US.UTF-8
initrd http://$server/proxy.php/live/initrd2.img

The methods listed above unfortunately do not work (for me).

There is my way with iPXE loader and fast HTTP server. This solution also work with UEFI system too. It work fine with current Urbackup restore disk 2.1.1.
Unpack current *.iso restore CD and copy content to your HTTP server in /.


kernel http://${server_ip}/live/vmlinuz initrd=initramfs boot=live username=urbackup noswap noprompt vga=788 fetch=http://${server_ip}/live/filesystem.squashfs live-config ocs_live keymap=NONE ocs_lang=en_US.UTF-8
initrd --name initramfs http://${server_ip}/live/initrd.img

I spent a lot of time before I could find a solution for downloading workstation on UEFI - if I could help you - can thank me in BTC