Restoring files to a different VM / PC

As of now, there’s not really a way to do a file restore to a different client, isn’t it? Is that coming? We can’t copy files directly from UrBackup Server either since they have wrong permissions and ownership.

I was testing it on a cloned VM and can’t seem to connect to the server. Is it because two identical clients exist on the network? Would it work if I shut the original one down?

Example output

[root@computer ~]# urbackupclientctl browse
Error getting file backups. No backup server found.

Should work, so the question is why it is unable to connect.

Background: To restore the files you need the tokens in /usr/local/var/urbackup/tokens and the correct client name. Since you have cloned the VM they should be present. The root token is also automatically installed if you install the client from the web interface via “Download client for Linux”.

So both machines can be running and UrBackup will not differentiate between them? Will they both show up on webinterface?

Urbackupclient.log doesn’t show anything unusual actually, I can see client starting up and listing all the files after reboot.

I’ll check for tokens but as you said - cloned machine, so they have to exist.

Hmm, sorry, thought them connected via Internet. In the local network it will only use one of them, so you have to turn off the other one or connect the restore client via Internet mode (set internet only to true). You should also prevent backups of the restore client e.g. by removing all backup paths.

Oh, ok, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind! Will there be an option to restore particular files to particular machines? Either via Linux/Windows CLI or a Recovery CD?

Sorry for necroposting but I have to try this later.

I have a vps, I have backupped some paths from urbackup and now I’d like to reinstall the os on the vps.

Do I have to save the token before and then restore them to be able to see the ‘new’ vps as the old one?

Thank you

I have written step by step manual about it:

Restore with urbackupclientctl at bare server in specific folder (step by step manual) (with permissions and ownership)

Install preconfigured client (download it from server). Installing this client all settings will be intalled and you no need to save tokens.
And the server will see the ‘new’ vps as the old one.