Restoring error

Urbackup Image Restore Version 2.4.2

Hello, I need assistance. I am trying to restore an image on a Hyper-V VM for validation purposes (I have already done this with 6 other images that worked fine). However, it remains at 0% and doesn’t progress beyond that. So, I opened the terminal and checked the restore_http.txt file, which contains some information. I will send the files here for you to help me understand the reason.

restore_http.log (11.8 KB)

Do you need any more information?
Thank you in advance.

Maybe the disk is too small? Can you make it a bit larger?

Hello Uroni, how are you?

Are you referring to the disk that is receiving the restoration? Because this disk is 1TB and the total size of the restoration is 250GB.

And what was the size of the original disk?

2023-09-13 15:09:00: Writing GPT backup header…
2023-09-13 15:09:00: Write failed. errno=28
2023-09-13 15:09:00: ERROR: Writing GPT backup header failed. No space left on device (code: 28)

Other than that perhaps you can also upload the image .mbr file. It contains the partition table and a bit of metadata.

The original size of the disk is 2TB, however, it is partitioned into 4 units (5 if you consider the boot partition).

They are respectively:
250GB C:
586GB D:
751GB E:
283GB F:\

UrBackup creates an image backup (in the part where you select the backup volumes) and only the C:\ drive, which contains the operating system, is selected.

Where can I find the .mbr image file?

Our UrBackup server is currently running on a Linux machine.

Ok, give it a 2TB disk then. There is some code to handle the disk being smaller, but it doesn’t seem to work in your case.

The .mbr files are at the backup storage path, then clientname, then ~ DATE-Volume-c

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The issue was indeed the virtual disk; it needs to have the same actual physical size as the original disk.

After changing the Hyper-V disk to 2TB, the restoration process began. Thank you for the support, Uroni.