Restoring an entire folder from File Backups

Is there a way to search for files from an overall backup, without knowing exactly what day they might have been backed up in advance?

Or is there a way to go to the latest backup, select D:\BackedUpDirectory\SomeSubfolder and then restore the latest version of that folder from the entire backup set?

I have read the manual here:

But this has not helped answer my questions.

Just connect to your server (e.g. with Filezilla or WinSCP using sftp) and browse to your backup folder. Explore a bit the folder structure and you will find you latest backup.

Okay, more data (which I should have provided).

I’m running v2.4.13 on Windows 2016 servers (and a Windows 2012-R2 server), and I can navigate the file structure with or without FTP/SFTP. I’m currently using SMB access from the local backup server.

My concern is that I want to be able to go to a single location and find the “synthetic full” – in one place – to be able to restore it.

If I have a folder that is being backed up: D:\BackupRoot\Folder\FullTree
And in that folder, I have 9 sub folders, say 2021-02-23, 2021-02-22 all the way back to 2021-02-15

And let’s say that these folders were created on the obvious dates, and not changed subsequently.

So, the data in these folders should be spread out across multiple folders, and none of the individual backup runs (incrementals) would have copied any data from a previous day.

What I need to be able to do, is go to one location on the server, and be able to see a tree that contains the latest version of all the files that were copied under that tree, no matter which days that was one.

The thing that makes this more difficult is that I don’t have access to the original server right now. I only have access to the backup server and the data it has been backing up until early this morning.


Um, I can’t pick the bones out of that, navigating to any particular day & backup time under the client in the storage to see a snapshot of how things were is easy enough, but it sounds like you want some magic which will tell you if something is there or not without checking, and also which YYMMDD-HHMM folder it first lived under.

Given how UrBackup works, I’d try looking in the most recent backup, even if it wasn’t actually backed up that day it should be “there” by the magic of symlinks & hard links, unless it was deleted between creation & the most recent backup.

Otherwise I guess you could try pointing Windows search at the client folders… you’ll probably have some long waits.

Or else I’m rambling nonsense, in which case ignore me.

Hey, @Bearded_Blunder

I tried looking via the web, and I couldn’t find a single place to search or perform the restore.

BUT, taking the cue from what @macom said, I starting looking more intently at what is under CURRENT under the server name, and it seems like I was able to find the data I wanted there. I’m having the customer verify.