Restoring a physical machine to a VM


I am currently testing server 1.4 beta 2 and client 1.4 beta3, on a windows 8.1 32bit machine. I want to recover it to a Xenserver 6.2 VM, I boot rescue cd 1.1 and I get to the point, where restore starts, writes down MBR, then…

Testing partition table availability… (Repeats 10x, then crashes)
i have even tried rescue cd 1.1.1WIP, same results

any help or workarouns is appreciated.


At this point it wrote the original MBR to the disk and is asking the Linux kernel to read the partition table, but it seems to not work.

Can you send the .mbr file of the image you want to restore to for further analysis?

I have sent you email…


I think it is GPT formated which UrBackup does not support yet.