Restore Win11 Image not possible

I have a problem to restore a Win11 Image.
Source is Win11 from a Microsoft Surface, Bitlocker is active.
Backup of files and image works without any problems.
If I want to restore the image to another hardware it will keep at 0%, the HDD-LED is active. Waiting for hours without any change.
I tried to use vhd and vhdz, no change.
I also tried different hardware, older without TPM/UEFI and brandnew with Intel Gen12 with TPM and UEFI.

Urbackup (Server and Client) is up to date and is working well with other PCs, restore from image to different hardware no problem! But these PCs are “normal” devices, Win10 without Bitlocker.
Are there any ideas what is running wrong here?

Thank you!

If the size of the image you are trying to restore is different to the size of the drive you are restoring to it won’t work