Restore USB Stick?

New to UrB. So far, fairly simple setup and settings. However, restoring is a challenge for us non-IT people. In reading the ‘Manual’, I need to create a Debian/Linux USB stick for restoring Windows-based machines? I’m thinking I can probably find info on the net about doing this, but how is it you don’t have such a resource? I see the feature has been requested several times. Am I missing something about this?

Edit: I’m not understanding now, how do I use a Debian-based USB stick to restore URB image? I’m used to booting to a restore USB that has a GUI, at least asking me what I want to do and where the image is located. Again, I may have missed something… How do I use the USB stick and point the operation to where my restore image is located?

The restore stick image can be downloaded from so you don’t really need to “create” your own, just write the image to a USB stick. I think Rufus is a tool that can do that for you in Windows.

Once you have created the USB stick you can boot from it and it does load into a GUI if you choose the default options. You are then asked to select your keyboard layout and timezone and can enter the address of the UrBackup server you want to restore from.

You can kind of ignore the fact that the USB stick is Linux based, this is just because that is the easiest way to get the urbackup software up and running on an empty PC. But you don’t need to know anything about Linux since it (should) boot into the UrBackup GUI.