Restore under windows?/restore to smaller drive?/same PCname

im testing right now this backup solution and i think it is great !
and im thinking about to run this solution in my company on about 500+ pc’s
but i have couple questions that cane up during tests

  1. whot if i have more than one machine with the same netbios name ? is it possible ? will the server handle it somehow ?
  2. i have to assume crash of my server - i tried restore on shell from usb drive with no problems
    but my question is is it possible to restore image under windows ? i have tried some vhd2disk applications
    and some mbr save/restore application
    but none of them was successful restoring this .mbr file… ?

and one more
3) if i have backup lets say 80gb hard drive with windows xp but used is only 10gb
is there a way to restore it to 40gb hard drive ? (i have user norton ghost a lot and it had some option to change partition size) is it possible to do?
thanks a lot !

  1. You can change the clientname. If you do not do that such that the clients are named differently it won’t behave properly.
  2. Yes. The .mbr is a custom file. You could probably do it via command line. Why do you need to restore it on Windows?
  3. Currently not and I cannot think of an easy way to do that. The only thing I can think of is mounting the VHD on the server and changing the filesystem size there. That would be difficult to do in a platform independent way (For Linux there is ntfsresize…).
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  1. thanx i checked it i it is taking both pc with the same name as one so it is pretty upsetting
    maybe in new version some change ? that if pc name is already on server then automatically ask for name change…? or add number to it ?
    if no in that cases we have to known names of all our pc’s to be sure that names are unique ?

  2. because of when IT department is at home during nights we have some maintenance team and i have to tell them how to do it in cause of server unavailible etc and i dont wanna learn them linux usage:)
    in production environment i have to assume everything

so there is no information about partitions size in .MBR file ? just mount and then shrink ?
thanks and regards!

i have tried backup 80gb hdd (5gb used)
mount vhd then change partition size to 20gb
but still after restore to 40gb harddrive nothing - after connecrting it to other pc >unformated raw partition (restore finished to 100% but with error at the end)
after this i used some vhdresizer to change vhd image to 21gb
successfully restored but still raw partition ;/

any ideas?

Hmm, it should work if you resize both the NTFS and the VHD, I think. Be carefull that you only do this with VHDs which UrBacup will not use for incremental image backups afterwards. Also you should only do it with fulls, I guess.

Can you narrow down the problem a bit? E.g. say if the MBR is damaged or the NTFS is unmountable?

Same problem here.

Restored on a fresh VM (on bigger vhd). PC starts and run, but if I shutdown VM and try to mount the vhd I get RAW partition, not the SO I expect.