Restore to Laptop Without an Ethernet Port

Laptop had to go in for some repairs and ASUS just went ahead and reloaded the OS. I have image restores on my urbackup server. I have never practiced any restores, this is my first attempt. I was hoping that somehow the Restore CD would allow for connections over wifi since so very many laptops now are eliminating the ethernet port. If this was possible, it was not readily apparent as things seemed to get hung up on trying to connect to the network right away (on the Select Keyboard screen).

My first thought was to get on Amazon and have a USB-C to ethernet adaptor sent out, which I did and it arrived within about 4 hours. Same behavior though, it gets to the Select Keyboard page and seems to hang as it’s “waiting for network”. I do see now though that when I hover over the computer network at the bottom, it says I do have an Ethernet connection “Wired connection 1”, so now I’m stumped?. Why does it hang at the Waiting for Network step?

I have verified that the network cable is “lit up” by bringing up Windows normally and pinging things.



For anyone who follows and can benefit:

The Restore CD was able to deal successfully with the USB-C to Ethernet adapter. I was able to restore the system by NOT choosing the graphical interface. The text based interface was easy enough to use and the restore was successful.