Restore to HV Blank Screen

Trying to run a test for my first (image) restore but getting just a blank screen in Hyper V. Any thoughts? Im a newb but this software looks amazing!

Also if someone can kindly explain why there are 3 VHD backing up. C, SYSvol and ESP

i saw someones post to use Gen 2 vm and i was able to boot

You get an image for each partition on the VHD/s that have an image backup…so even if your VM only has a VHD file, if you looked at Disk Manager on the VM it would show each partition it sees - and this is what is taken for the image backups…

Can’t answer for the first question properly, but am thinking that maybe you haven’t got the recovery image mounted, as you don’t have an eject option…?

I already ejected the disk at the time of the screenshot as it should be booting from vhdx at this point. The gen 2 vm solved this issue