Restore to a smaller disk

So I have a 500gb disk backup img that has only 64gb used. I would like to restore it on a 115gb SSD. Thoughts?

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sorry for necroing this 2 month old post

The answer, at least for me, is no.
I have urbackup server 2.2.11 and the recovery disk 2.1.1 (x64).
Under the recovery disk i did the usual, put username, password, select computer, select backup and select he drive to restore to. After a few seccond it shows that the target drive is smaller than the image.
In my case the computer have a seagate 2tb i dont know the model. I tried to recover it to a toshiba 2tb and it shows that is smaller (like for 0.06gb)ā€¦
I hope the devs add the feature to recover to smaller drives from bigger VHD if possible

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Any changes about this trouble?

Not so far as Iā€™m aware, however, in the case of migrating from a working disk to a smaller SSD, you could always use disk management to shrink the existing partition prior to imaging, then restore from an image of the pre-shrunk disk.

Alternatively if you have access to the .vhd files from new enough Windows you could try resizing the .vhd files as outlined here

Personally I tend to use Macrium Reflect for disk migration, the disk clone function handles a smaller target disk without issue.

what happening if i need to change an SSD with a different one having the same size on specs? As you know SSDs could have different size (even hundreds of MB) even if they say, for example, 250GB.

On my desk i have 2 SSD of the same manufacturer and they differs about 1.5GB of 250GB.