Restore through web interface / copy through windows shared folder


On Urbackup client PC i am trying to restore 60 GB folder from the incremental backup copy, but After"Preparing to restore" it does nothing and comes back on page.

So i tried to copy data from server to client using windows shared folder, but as incremental backup have hardlinks not all data is copied only empty folder is created for hardlink is there any way to copy / restore data.

Have you tried the download as zip option?
I tend to prefer that anyway, I can unzip to alongside the original location & only replace what I wish to.

I guess download as zip supports on upto 4 GB Files, correct me if i am wrong

also download as zip will take too much time to compress 60 GB of data i think

There should be a log for the attempted restore available through the interface… does that show any errors that might shed light?

If not, does putting the server in debug logging mode yield anything useful?