Restore previous version of a file

Does URBackup allow restoration of previous versions of files, as long as there is enough backup storage available to keep those files?

I’m thinking of the following examples…

Example #1 - A user overwrites a document, like a Microsoft Excel file, that they only access once each month. Four weeks later, they go to open the file, and discover that it’s corrupted or overwritten with bad information. Is there a way to browse through different versions of that file and restore the one from a month ago? Or is only the last copy of the file saved and available?

Example #2 - A user gets a “ramsomware” infection, which encrypts all of their data files and renders them unusable, but doesn’t finish the encryption until early that evening after the user has left for the day. That night, URBackup does a file backup, and since all of the files are encrypted (and therefore modified), it backs up all of the newly encrypted files. Restoring those encrypted and ransomed files would be useless. Is it possible to restore the files from the PREVIOUS night’s backup, BEFORE the malware infection occurred?

One of the basic tenants of backups is to not only provide MEDIA redundancy, which URBackup already does, but to provide TIME redundancy, for those times that data is lost or corrupted but not immediately recognized right away. I’m hoping that URBackup allows for this.

Thank you in advance for any responses.

  • Dean

Well, it is UrBackup not UrSync, so yes…

Hi Dean,
Take a look at the backup list for one of your clients. Navigate to a folder and click the list button to the right hand side.
You should see all the versions of the file that are currently stored.
In the setting you can specify how many versions you want to keep, min and max.
I have mine at 40 and 100. Overkill but, at the moment, I can spare the storage.