Restore on HP DL servers

I am testing Urbackup and have a problem with restoration. After booting from ISO v 1.1.1 and choosing the backup , I am stuck on:


The servers have hardware RAID 1…all HP Smart Array controllers:
Smart Array P400 (SAS HDD)
Smart Array P400i (SAS HDD)
Smart Array 6i (SCSI HDD)

Did try:
switch to a console (CTRL+ALT+F2) and enter lspci…but COMMAND NOT FOUND

Hi! What disk controller do you use?
SmartArray P2XX/P4XX/P8XX? B1XX/B3XX?

post updated according to your question…

Alas, current RestoreCD does not include cciss/hpsa kernel module. Let me test and try to include it. I’ll answer ASAP.

Thank you…will wait

You could also try this image. It has a newer kernel version:

Hi, so I did try the ISO v1.2 but I was not able to get wired network to work on any from 3 type of servers…the 1.1.1 works just fine.

Currently the restore looks only at /dev/sd[a-z] for hard disks. Maybe RAID devices are somewhere else? You should be able to see where in the output of dmesg.

If you need to get tools like lspci you can install them, via e.g.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pciutils

(search for packages here:

well. I am stuck…

sudo apt-get update dont work…probably cause I am behind proxy.

export http_proxy=http://proxy IP:proxy port
export ftp_proxy=http://proxy IP:proxy port
seems to not helping. Still 111: connection refused

dmesg | less - the same story…cant install less

You can also use one of the debian-live cds:

The UrBackup restore is based on debian-live.

please see:


Hi to all. According to [documentation][1] for new HP SmartArray driver:

SCSI compatibility
The hpsa driver enables better and faster compatibility with changes in storage utilities by working directly with the
standard Linux SCSI storage layer. System utilities or applications that make assumptions about storage device names
being /dev/sd* are incompatible with the cciss driver but will work natively with hpsa.

As @uroni mentioned, currently the restore looks only at /dev/sd[a-z] for hard disks and does not search /dev/cciss/c[0-9]d[0-9]p[0-9]
So, IMO, the simpliest way is to migrate to hpsa driver.

RE: the simpliest way is to migrate to hpsa driver.
Is this info for me or for for Uroni?

IMO = in my opinion
General info for all who can help the project by including hpsa to modprobe config or to add /dev/cciss/c[0-9]d[0-9]p[0-9] to search path. Hope, It will be useful.
I’ve wanted to do it, but I don’t have spare time for it right now.
Did you tried modprobe -r cciss && modprobe hpsa ?
And what is output of lspci -knn and lsblk afterwards?

modprobe…COMMAND NOT FOUND…same story + proxy problem…

I will change it to use lsblk to get the drives/partitions. That should take care of this issue. Your RAID controller is not supported by hpsa anyways.

THX…let me know when the new iso will be ready for testing…

It’s here:

Hi, sorry for delay, I have been out of office.
My colleague has tested the new iso and I can confirm that urbackup can see the drives now. The restore has finished successfully on all 3 types of servers. (see the PS:)
Thanks for help to all of you guys. It is really pleasure to work with you.

PS: one server has not successfully finished restore cause there was some error writing on disk…Will test it on the same type of server but different one and will let u know. Dont u know what that can be? Faulting HDD?