Restore not finding backups


Not sure if I am missing something, the documentation on the restore process seems to be lacking. just looking for a point in the right direction.

I have urbackup 1.4.8 installed on freenas in a test setup only urbackup server on the network. I have installed clients on a couple dell laptops and everything works great file backups image backups incremental all work 100%

I was testing the image restore, downloaded the restore boot cd and used win32diskimager to write the iso to usb.

restore cd boots just fine, loads up grabs a DHCP address, I went into console and can ping network resources including the urbackup server. but when the restore tries to find the server it says there are no backup clients available on the server, it doesnt prompt for a username or password or anything.

how do I troubleshoot this? any help would be great thanks!

Remove the test Urbackup Server you installed on your Computer :smile:

I had the same Problem. Windows 7 installed test backup Server… forgot about it. It did not ask Password.
UrRestoreCD found this UrBackup Server instead of the correct one…

If only it would be somewhere displayed which ip the urbackup restore cd connects to…would sure save a lot of time Troubleshooting…

I have no test server installed on my windows machine. the only server I have setup is running on the Freenas Box, I have the Client running on my windows 7. sorry if that wasnt clear.

Can you have a look at the restore logfiles?

Ctrl+Alt+F2 to switch to a console. Then

sudo su
cd /root
cat restore_mode.txt

weird that file does not exist. I did a find on it and could not find it on my urbackup jail on my freenas server. is there any other location where the log file might be? again I am using a freenas which is a freebsd version and it is installed in a jail.

That is the log file on the restore cd.

The log file of the server is at /var/log/urbackup.log (Depending on paramters. See ps -Af). If you want to see when it discovers the restore client enable the debug mode of the server.

I setup a Static IP on the restore setup, then when it is searching for the backup server I hit control + c, this brings up a screen showing the looking for login server, after about 45 seconds it pops up a error saying no response from the client connecter.

I can only assume I have a network issue?

just having trouble getting the log file off the usb key that I am booting with once I get it I will post the output

Hello! I have a same problem. There are two servers on my local network. Both installed as openmediavault plugins. Each of them backups different cliens. But when I try to boot restore CD, it can seek only clients of one server. When that server is offline, the dialog of restore CD says that can’t find servers, and if I enter IP address of second server it says that no any clients found. Ping is OK, all computers in one subnet. How I can sign the second server to restore from it with CD?