Restore Images using Btrfs or zvol snapshots without using Restore ISO or BMR

We have the latest development urbackup version for testing 2.5.x and kvm hypervisors, We are looking for the quickest way to restore the virtual machine in case of disaster. One way we know is to use restore iso, however restoring 25-30 VMs at a time is a very very long and time consuming process, This method is good for 1-2 virtual machines at a time.

We are having btrfs and zvol filesystems with 2 different urbackup development servers, Is there a way we can use the saves images or snapshots directly or copy it as a disk raw format to create a machine on KVM hypervisor, this would really save a lot of time.

Anyone tried this before?


Yeah, you basically

  • Have to create rw-snapshots of all partitions involved
  • Create a volume to store the MBR/GPT in (e.g. using losetup and a file)
  • Restore MBR to that volume
  • Then create devices for all the rw-snapshots of the partitions (using losetup)
  • Then create a disk device mapping the MBR/GPT volume and the other devices into the correct places (using dm-linear)

Thanks Uroni, I have also seen that there is a hyper-v agent which can backup all the virtual machine running on hyper-v, is there a similar agent for KVM hypervisors or VMware that can backup the instances running on it?

Is this in the roadmap or requested feature?