Restore image windows server


I’ve got a Windows server 2008 and 3 more virtual server 2008 within it. One of them has crashed and I need to restore it from the image file that I’ve got. I have been checking out the help and forum but I couldn’t find anything. If any one know how to restore please help me



Have you tried booting from the restore cd in the Virtual PC?

Hi All,

Thanks for replying. I tried restore CD but when I am restoring, it will stay at testing availability and then goes back to restart restore or cancel restore


It probably can’t find the backup server. Can you make sure

  1. UrBackup Server is running
  2. UrBackup Server is in the same subnet as the PC you are restoring
  3. Your network got configured correctly via DHCP. You should have the option to configure it manually as well.

Others had problems with a network device. Using a newer Linux fixed that in this case. You could try a newer linux as well. A restore cd with that is here: