Restore image from external drive is possible?


Can I restore a backup from an external drive (Outside the server storage)?
For example, If I copied a backup from the storage server to an external hard disk.



You should be able to yes, however without the database and server to do it for you, you’ll need to boot the restore ISO and then manually use the commands to restore the MBR, and partitions.

Use this link to find the right commands for a restore:

However, I tend to also copy the urbackup server database along with the backup and use a selective SQL import into a restore VM i created to let a temporary urbackup server handle the restore action.

So you import a backup to the server through sql commands? and after that start regular recover

Hi Shahar_Yael,

I’m using a modified version of this script:

Using that script I extract some backup data from the urbackup server database that i copied from the urbackup server that made the backups that are to be restored, and the script then imports those backups in the temporary urbackup server. If you then boot a urbackup recovery CD, and connect to the temporary urbackup server, it should understand the host and backup details needed to do a restore of the required volumes. Much less error prone in my case then manually restoring everything through command line restore (see link from earlier)