Restore image from a hard disk


It is possible to image recovery from hard disk?


Assuming the disk is good and the computer is dead, and that you are asking to recover the entire disk to put onto another drive:

  1. Acquire something that can mount that disk to your computer - like an eSATA\SATA to USB.
  2. Install UrBackup on your computer, and have it download an image of the disk exclusively.
  3. Recover image on another machine using the recovery CD.

Assuming the drive is bad:

  1. You will need to get your hands on something that can possibly revive the disk or try the backyard surgery methods (i.e. putting the drive in the freezer). (optional)
  2. Try to get your hands on a hardware disk imager - like ImageMASSter. (They are pricey)
  3. Hope and pray that it works.

Assuming that you already have an image and are trying to put it back down on the disk:

  1. Yes.
  2. UrBackup Recovery CD.


But it seems to me they did not understand me.

I have a backup of URBACKUP and I want to restore a remote computer.
Internet is very slow to recover from afar.

Can I copy the backup from URBACKUP to external hard drive and restore through an external drive?


your question is also interesting for me, and I add this topic to favorits for track it.

we can mount image and copy to new hdd by dd, etc,but have no practice for that way
or mount .vhdz to VM and restore from

now I’m use:
as example 2 pcs laptops A,B - next sequence -
replace one of existing img by any needed:

  1. A - instal empty instance of UrB server,
    program dir at c:\ and backup dir on removable hdd u:\
  2. B - install client, and connect to new UrB
    2.1 dump image of B
    thats create new img dir, some img files inside, and rows about them in UrB srv database, links, etc…
  3. copy one of image dir from failed UrB server to backup dir for B
  4. rename dir with fresh img as B_original (UrB-srv-service no need even stop)
  5. rename target-machine-to-restore (from failed UrB) img dir
    exactly as B img dir, and all files inside as B-files, for links consistency.
  6. restore that new img of Z on “B” by live-cd 2.1.1
    (you will see all names and dates for fresh B img,
    because database knows nothing about replacement of img files)

So, I have:

  1. “mobile server” for disaster recovery some images from removable,
    (UrB-srv can be also VM at yor laptop with mounted usb-hdd)
  2. “offline” recovery of remote client - I mean non internet etc - peer-2-peer LAN only on site

I’m very want some features on restore cd - dump images from that cd environment - for failed machines, backup before any my changes, and local restore from image on local hdd without any network
but not yet (

bad english, sorry!

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