Restore Image Backups

I have created a full image backup, and incremental backups, of my server. What is the easiest, and quickest way to restore the image?

Also, what is the easiest way to attach the image to a Hyper-V virtual machine so I can run the backed up Server in Hyper-V?


To run it in Hyper-V, you will have to decompress the VHD and then attach it as you would any other VHD.

As for restoring images, that’s a good question.


Looks like this can only be done by running some PowerShell?!

There are two PowerShell scripts in C:\Program files\UrBackup which can restore disks to VHDX files

@uroni there should be some docs around restoring images. Also, is there a way to pay for support on one off basis? Or pay for a specific feature needed or such? :slight_smile: