Restore Image backup Windows server 2016 on proxmox

Hello everyone.
I’m opening this topic because I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m giving up. I use Urbackup on other systems as a file backup and everything works fine. I had the need to install the urbackup client on a windows server 2016, to save the entire disk image on a cloud server Urbackup. Copies work great. For a while I wanted to test the actual validity with a restore and from here the problems arose. For recovery I’m using a Vm in proxmox. With the restore ISO I access the server in the cloud and restore the image easily. The operation is successful. Clearly I changed the scsi controller to proxmox because the vm doesn’t have the drivers and therefore when the reboot comes out the classic windows blue screen error and restarts. Therefore I set the controller to ide and rebooted. The vm now starts regularly, the system loads but stops on a full gray screen which then alternates with a black one, but I don’t see any login screen. Even in safe mode the same. The vm starts and is not blocked. The disk and the ram from the logs I see that they advance, but nothing I can not log in. Could anyone give me a hand?
Thanks a lot to everyone

anyone who can give me a hand?
Anyway there are updates… it doesn’t depend on proxmox, I also tried on esxi and directly on the host without hypervisor. Nothing, it starts but I don’t see login screen. I think it depends on how it is created in Urbackup. I have now updated the server to 2.5.27. We hope to have other results
Thank you