Restore Image backup VHD's

As we know UrBackup create backups in VHD format, the thing is that our company does not allow to restore image by network. We are able to do backup to network but no restore. For restoration we are taking out computers hard drive and plug to backup server - then with disk2vhd seting VHD file back on drive. Now UrBackup creates seperate VHD for each partition, so disk2vhd cannot do this job anymore - are there any ideas how to restore VHD’s back on hard drives with this kind of scenariou?


With some Linux knowledge you can do it manually like this:

Thanks for your message,

But we have Ur backup on windows server, is it possible to do that with windows enviroment ?

I am really suprissed that nobody asked this question before, we need to recover these backups without network, are there really no options to restore these VHD files from other computer attaching target disk and selecting backup vhd - similar vhd2disk

Are these Windows machines you need to restore? If so, this stands a chance of working I haven’t tried it (yet), though I intend to at some point:

Assemble the .vhd and copy to external media.
Try using the “restore from image” option in WinPE (i.e. booting Windows Install media or rescue disk)

As I see it a .vhd image is a .vhd image, so the windows native restore ought to work just as well with a .vhd made by UrBackup as one made by the native Windows backup.

It’s certainly something I’d try in a situation where a “sneaker net” operation is faster, or as in your case the network traffic for the default restore method is not permitted.

Of course I may be completely wrong, but it seems worth the experiment. It would be “nice” if the UrBackup rescue media presented the option to pick from a .vhd on local USB storage, but hopefully what I suggested may do as a workaround till it does.

Hello thanks for reply, i am getting out of ideas.
So bat that this solution dont have such of option for local backups restoration.
I am trying to restore these VHDs using the same methods as it is for windows backup recovery - still with no success.
I need some tool recover these files on externally plugged drive so after that i can put them back in source computer and boot it up :frowning:

A related question- on a Windows server, is it possible to extract a full VHD image by compiling it from the latest incremental? Is there a command line for that?

For us, we would likely want to restore to a virtual machine. So all we really need to do is COPY the latest image backup, which is incremental, to another VHD file and create a VM from that. This would likely save a lot of time vs. a network image restore as well.

I have tested that kind of solution and of course it was not working, because of mbr failure, anyway it is working when you attach in hyperv that recovery cd and do recovery as it would be on physical computer, only this time you are prepearing empty hyperv virtual hard drive and you re good to go…

This makes sense, but it seems that the recovery CD method takes a lot longer than simply copying the VHD to a new file.

This section of the help file tells you where the assembly scripts are in the Windows version:

On Windows this can be done by running C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\assemble_disk_image.bat. In a first step it will ask for the VHD images to assemble. Select e.g. Image_C_XXXXX.vhd and Image_SYSVOL_XXXXX.vhd. The source images can also be incremental or compressed. Then it will ask where the output VHD disk image should be saved. After that it will write the master boot record from Image_C_XXXXX.vhd.mbr and the contents of the volumes into the output disk image at the appropriate offsets.

When running this I get:
ERROR: Trying to write beyond partition

I have the same problem.
Did you solve the error ? If so, how ?

I have the same problem.