Restore Image backup by one click from the server web UI?

The file back has a nice feature: restore file/folder by one click on a button on the Server Web UI.
Can we do the same thing for image backup? This could be a very nice feature if it is implemented.

I can actually think of an extremely complicated way to do this…

Can anyone tell me if there is any other software out there (if there is, it’s probably commercial) that can do this (restore image backup onto actively used hard disk)?

One way I think can help reduce the complexity:
Server web UI: click on Restore button for image restore --> client keep this information and reboot the machine to Linux restore process and restore from selected backup image.
This way it will not need to handle the actively used hard disk…

(anyway a restart is needed for image restore).
Will this work?

@uroni There is a backup solution – FOG – that if configured right can shut-down and image computers for you (and if wake on lan is enabled, it can turn them on and image computers for you). Main issue would be, the program is entirely Linux based – have not seen a Windows version of it.

However, you can make images of virtually any OS and image the computer at your leisure. – FOG Project

Any updates on this topic?

I too would love to see this implemented.