Restore from modified VHD file / Resize existing VHDZ Backup


So computer fails, buy new 1TB SSD, it’s actually 960MB and URBackup won’t restore because it’s too small.
Backups are compressed to VHDZ files.

I’m thinking I should be able to uncompress the backup image, resize it, restore it to the physical computer.

I can see the following files in the backup

Question is, how can recreate these after modifying the image?
.hash - I assume should be simple enough, MD5?
.mbr - shoud stay the same?
.sync - Is zero, should be OK?
.cbitmap - Unsure what this is or how to create it, any ideas?

Or is there a another method to restore VHD files to bare metal that would actually be easier?

You only need to keep the files in sync (cbitmap and hash) if you plan to continue to perform incremental backups based on this one. If yes, I’d just create a copy before resize.

You probably have to uncompress it, then rename to *.vhd then rename back. If you are unlucky you’ll have to edit the parent link of the vhd as well (and uncompress the parents as well), so that Windows can mount it. UrBackup doesn’t care about the file extionsion (vhd/vhdz). It looks at the file contents to see if it is compressed or not.

Restore to a large (usb) disk, then clone it to your ssd, perhaps? Resize manually via ntfsresize and parted, or via a gparted live cd…

Ahh ok, so the VHD is all I need to worry about for a restore, just make sure the name is the same?
I just want to restore from this and then just start a fresh for backups