Restore from linux command line (backup id)


I’m trying to do a restore from a linux client, from command line, and are facing some problems:

  • Don’t know how to get the backupid to restore. Maybe there should be a command to list available backups ids.
  • Only the last full backup is available without the backupid. Should be possible to restore from the last incremental backup or simpy the “last” backup
  • Trying to restore from the last full backup throws me an error:

    urbackupclientctl restore-start -d /home/owncloud/ -b last

    Error starting restore. Errorcode: 4

This is on UrBackup server v. 2.0.38, cliente v 2.0.36.


Could you have a look at the server and client log files? There should be more information there.

I’ve donde some tests, and there’s nothing logged on the server nor the client.
This is a internet client, by the way.