Restore From Azure

Our goal: Getting the recovery CD utility to find and authenticate against our UrBackup Server hosted in Azure.

What the symptoms are: “Error retrieving information about user”, even when UrBackup utility has been given the public IP address of the UrBackup server in Azure and there is no problems with network connectivity. The username/password information used is confirmed to work (admin access to all backups).

What we are thinking might be the issue: To access the web interface is for example: IPADDRESS/URBACKUP, so simply hitting IPADDRESS will not bring you to the to login. Possibly the utility is having a hard time hitting the right portion of our server?

Currently all of the ports have been allowed through in Azure’s firewall found in Section 9.3 of the UrBackup Admin manual.

Right now the only couple of options that I can see happening is using sshfs to mount to folder locally and using the restore from command line instructions here:
However, this would be a pain to roll-out on a large scale and the server uses 2 factor authentication and that would be needed for every sshfs mount.

Also, while I have not tried this yet, I would tend to believe that creating a VPN with the UrBackup server would resolve the issue as well. What is everyone’s thoughts?

Restore clients can currently not connect via the Internet connection mode. This means that they can only connect via an unencrypted connection.

One impractical way: Opening up the ports described in and then entering the Internet server IP when using the restore client CD. Impractical because the ports listed for the client must be forwarded through NAT to the restore CD client.

So currently a VPN solution would be the only practical way (or your sshfs solution).

I’ll think about allowing restore clients via Internet mode. It is just some implementation work, because web interface users and clients are currently something different.

Has this feature been implemented? If I can’t do a internet based recovery with the CD I don’t see how I can use the solution across my client base.