Restore entire folder

Hello Team
1st things first… URBACKUP is great been using it for 6months now and have recovered a few win 7 boxes works great :-)

Now for the question

  1. I am able to recover a file without a problem through the web base
  2. BUT I can not find a way to download a entire folder
    EXAMPLE: Client has My Docs backup up and all there contents got wiped out…instead of D/L each file …HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE FOLDER???


One of the advantages of UrBackup is that it mirrors the filesystem structure of the client for each backup. (I.e. you have snapshots of the clients on the server).

So you can use practically every way of sharing files/folders to make the file backups accessible. If you want to restore something you can simply copy it over.

For example via e.g.: WebDAV, Pydio, samba/Windows file sharing, SCP, sshfs, …

I personally would prefer having it available via Windows explorer, i.e. via WebDAV or samba/Windows share.

That said, UrBackup Server 1.4 already includes a feature to download whole folders as zip file from the web interface.

WOW really good info … I never thought about doing a WebDAV restore. That would be nice it sounds like I could just link in the backup root to WebDAV and sync over Internet I would wonder how to sync the data properly but that’s a whole other topic LOL…You did see one key thing I can not seem to find.

  1. Were is the “feature to download whole folders as zip file from the web interface.” …
    I would ask for a screen shot but I don’t think that will post but any details would be helpful THNX>…

WOW I missed It
you said Version 1.4
I have

sorry about that and I look forward to the release of 1.4 the feature will be much appreciated thnx team