Restore data (folders and files) jobs does not work on Linux and MAC OS clients

We have an issue with are client who uses Linux OS. (Ubuntu or Mint) or MAC OS. When we try to restore data from server it doesn’t work… Linux or MAC client does not show pop up window for restore option, instead we have an error log “ERROR Restore was inactive for 5min. Timeout. Stopping restore…”
Firewall on both sides was turned off.
Restore job on Windows clients works.
URBackup versions on server (Ubuntu) and clients are at newest updates.

Could you help us to resolve this issue?

Thank you

You cannot restore to a Linux machine – from what I know, Restores are only for images which Linux machines cannot do (easily).

You can download the files you need from your web-interface or copy the files off of the server itself and put them back onto the client.

Are you saying that there is no way of restore option on Linux machines?
If so, why is there a web interface (tab) with restore option? (for folder in Linux machine)

Does that apply also on MAC clients?
Meaning there is no restore option for any other OS than Windows?


As far as I know the restore disc is only for imaging, which - as far as I know - only works for Windows machines.

Linux can perform images, but it is more complicated - involving manipulation of the LVM system - and I am not entire sure about Macintosh.

File backups should work on UrBackup no matter what OS. Windows, Linux, or Macintosh (though I think Macintosh is the newest addition).

File backups can be accessed via the web interface or by physically touching and removing the data from that machine. You can then drop the files back onto where ever they are supposed to be.

I don’t know what all the UrBackup team has done, if Linux finally has an image option or what this restore option is from the web interface, but as far as I know Windows is the only machine that can perform an “OS restore.” The “file restore” can be done by just copying the files back onto the machine.

Thanks ttrammell.

Probably this is one of the main options that are missing. Without it the software is incomplete.
I hope that the team of developers will soon upgrade this option.

Is the client GUI (urbackupclientgui) running on the client? If the GUI portion is not running then a restore will not work. You should be able to see the UrBackup icon in the system tray down by the clock if the gui is running. If not, even though the client is running it will never get the OK to restore the file.


After submit on button restore, GUI icon disappeared from systray. Than I look at root shell and I see msg “segmentation fault”. After that when I try again to startup GUI with command “urbackupclientgui” again it shows “segmentation fault” and nothing happens.
My OS is Linux Mint. Both firewalls are turned off.

I wondered as much. I have the same problem here. I actually reported it a while back, but nothing ever came of it.

Just testet the Mac and file restore works without problems for me. Can you post the contents of /Library/Logs/urbackup_client_backend.log after a failed restore? Is the tray icon active?

On Linux (without gui) see e.g. here Client confirmation on non gui (or the manual).

HI uroni,

Thanks for reply,
I have successfully solved the problem.

For MAC OS, firewall was problem.

For Linux…

When I used the installation script methods without GUI ( TF=mktemp && wget “” -O $TF && sh $TF; rm $TF ) instead of the graphical environment installation ( Install client on Debian or Ubuntu from sources), than all works ( backup and restore ).

Maybe I dont have URBackup GUI on the Linux desktop client, but most important is functionality.

Please, one request for URBackup team to complete installation guide with information relating to tune Linux clients.