Restore damaged server

I am trying to use urbackup to backup-restore my proxmox 6 server

I have installed both server and client at proxmox
Backed -up / with exception of :


I managed to be OK with the backup but I have problem to restore
Restoring back to live proxmox system does not work (system unbootable)

So my “method” is :

  1. Fresh install of Proxmox CD to the disk have all the volumes - partitions installed the same as was in the backup
  2. Boot an Ubuntu Live at the freshly installed proxmox server
  3. Rename machine to original machine name:
    hostname prox
  4. Mount root partition of Prox server under /mnt/root
  5. install urbackup server
  6. Stop the server and copy the /mnt/backup/urbackup folder back to /var/urbackup
  7. Install urbackup client
  8. Stop the client which tries to make a new backup of the ubuntu to the server
  9. Trying to ran :
    urbackupclientctl restore-start -t /mnt/root -m / -d /root -b last

But It does not work . It writes ubuntu live files over the prox files (which are mounted at
/mnt/root). So I end installing ubuntu over proxmox.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?
I am not sure I under stand what the -t , -m and -d options do
I think -t /mnt/root means --> write to /mnt/root
-m / —> get the files from the backup /
I am not sure what -d /root does ???

I have never had success running the client and the server on the same machine using Windows, Linux might differ.
The server gets confused if the client’s backup includes the server’s files in the backup.
I run two copies of the server on separate machines.
Each client backs up to both servers.
Each server is cross backed-up by the other server.
I still exclude the other server’s backup directory.
If a server dies, I Restore it from the other server.
The restored server machine is 99% ready to run after restoration, minus all the backups.
You will have to clean the restored backup server’s database, becaus all the backups are missing.
But, you will be able to quickly resume backups on the restored server machine.
All the while you still have the other server machine with all backups intact.