Restore CD ver 1.1 Hardware support

Hello uroni,

I have a question concerning the newest restore CD. Most of my servers are from Dell and have hardware raid controllers and Broadcom network adapters. Does the restore cd support a variety of raid hardware and broadcom network adapters?
I tried to do a test restore to one of my Dell R320 servers which has a Perc H310 mini SAS raid controller and Broadcom Gigabit Netextreme nics and the restore CD wasn’t able to find any networks. I even tried to set the IP static and it still didn’t find the backup server. Since I can’t find the backup server I can’t see if it sees the hardware raid as an option to restore to.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you,



it is a debian live based cd with non-free firmware included.
Can you switch to a console (CTRL+ALT+F2) and enter
to show the detailed device string of the device? Is the device in this list ?
Then you could look at the output of
, if the server found a driver for the device and firmware, if necessary. Maybe we need to include additional firmware.

I’ve uploaded an image with more firmware here: