Restore CD Reports only 1k available on 1.2 TB new VM drive

So i just realized that you can’t restore all files from URBackup without using a zip file, which once you get to a 1TB zip file, you have a few problems, so I decided to do the image backup and use the restore CD on a VM and restore the entire drive and then copy all the files to my archive location (before ‘removing the client’ from the backups. Worked on one retired system, but going though the same process with this pone I’m having a problem.
I create a virtual machine in VMWare 6.5, add a 1.2TB drive (the drive I’m restoring is 900G), boot off the ‘restore CD’ ISO, and run through all the prompts to select that PC, then the drive I want to restore, and select the 1.2 TB drive as the location to restore TO, then UR backup tells me I only have 1k of free space on the drive.
I’ve deleted and recreated the VM a couple times to make sure I didn’t do something wrong with the drive, even created it in a different data store to be sure it has space, but no luck.
Anybody ever run into this? Any ideas how to make it work (again)??

Could you upload the .mbr file of the image you want to restore here? It contains the partitioning of the disk you want to restore…

Thanks for your reply! Where would I find the MBR file? Also, if there’s a simpler way to get ALL the data files restored onto another NAS, that’s the ultimate goal. I need to move this drive (10TB) to another server and recreate my URBackup server there… Most systems are still in tact, so I’ll get new backups of them, but there were two that I wanted to be sure I had a full backup of, since they are retired systems.