Restore CD problem amd64 2.1.1



I’m trying to restore an image from internet but I’m not able to boot on restore CD or USB drive on version 2.1.1. I’m able to use the version 2.0.2 but this version isn’t compatible with internet image restore. I also found the 2.2.2 in the same directory and do the same thing, always have a kernel panic when trying to load the live-cd.

I’m tring to running it on a dual Xeon E5 lenovo server so I dont know if it may come from that ?


Depending on what causes the panic you might be able to boot by adding boot parameters: . E.g. apm=off .

If you google for your exact hardware (which you did not mention) + linux kernel version + more panic details (which you also did not mention) you should probably also find other people having the same problem.


Thanks for your answer. I tried your suggestion without succes. The kernel error seems to be not very specific. I’m running it on a thinkserver td360 with 2x xeon e5 and 80gb ram. The error was “unable to handle paging request at ffffffffffffffd8”) if by any chance that can help


Did you manage it?
In order to understand the issue you could run a classic debian 9 live. If it works i think you could just create a rescue cd based on debian 9 (on git you could find how to generate the rescue cd).