Restore CD does not list images available on server

I have three Windows computers that are being backed up by UrBackup. Of those three, only one will have its images listed via the Restore CD. The other two - once the Restore CD gets to the screen where you first select the client, then the image - it doesn’t list any images. The drop-down box where images are normally listed just has a spinning icon indicating it must be doing something, but it never finishes that something to list the images.

I will attempt to upload screen shots taken on the UrBackup server showing the images. I see something suspicious. For the two computers that will not list images, I see that the image backups on the server DO NOT have a SYSVOL backup alongside the C backup for the initial (non-incremental) backup. The one computer that does list available images HAS both the C and the SYSVOL backup for the first, non-incremental, backup. I don’t know if this is the cause of my image listing problems, but it is suspicious. Note that the three screenshots I will attempt to attach below are for three different computers - one that I am attempting to restore for real, but failing … another that I am not attempting to restore, but found that it won’t list images either during testing … and a third that I am not trying to restore, but at least it lists images during testing.

I have no idea why the initial images for two of the computers do not include a SYSVOL backup. I haven’t deleted anything manually, and as far as I can recall, all backups were set up the same way on all computers. Note that on the two computers that do not have the initial SYSVOL backups, they do have SYSVOL backups for subsequent (incremental) backups. I have not changed anything in their configuration settings since initially setting them up.

This is the computer I am trying to do a real restore on now, but images are not listed via the Rescue CD:

This is another computer that does not list its images via the Rescue CD:

This is a computer that DOES list its images (four to choose from) via the Rescue CD:

Any tips on getting the pending real restore completed would be appreciated.


Permissions issue? Does it make any difference if you try access as the user/owner of that client or as the overall server admin?

I’ve seen that make a difference accessing file backups, regardless that the user has full control of the files backed up…

I’d post a bug on that one, but I think I’ve upset @uroni & doubt I’d see a response if I did… especially since I’m on the stable rather than the testing branch.

I think stable is being ignored.

This is my home backup server. I only have the one admin user. I never created individual user logins. Mostly because the individual user is always ME, and my home LAN is well secured.

Well, technically the Windows computers are my wife’s, and everything else - Linux computers and servers - are me. But for backups, it’s just me. I do have written instructions for my wife detailing backup/restore and other things, in case I get run over by a bus, but she’s never had to make use of those yet (I try to avoid buses).

My failed restore attempts as described above were using Restore Disc version 2.4.0.

I just found the newer version 2.4.2 and this later version was able to see the images I expected it to see. I have a restore currently running.

I now consider my issue of not being able to see images to choose from SOLVED. Evidently there was some bug in version 2.4.0 that was subsequently fixed in version 2.4.2.