Restore CD can't find backups after settings password on server


I have a small problem, where the UrBackup Server (that I run from a Qnap 4.2.X version) works fine, including restore from the live CD, but when I set a administrator password on the server website, suddenly the restore CD can’t find the backups anymore and I get the following error:

Following error happened: No backup clients found on the backup server. How to continue?

No matter what I change or do in the restore client, it simply cant find the backups, until I remove the administrator user in the server webconsole, when the restore CD instantly starts working again. I only have one server setup, nothing else that can conflict. I’m also unable to find the urbackup.log file in the qnap, but I’m assuming it’s a authentication issue.

I was under the impression that the restore CD should prompt for a username and password in such a case?

Despite what you said about not having another backup server the symtoms descibe exactly that you have another backup server without configured admin account. So are you really sure about that?

I feel very ashamed. One of my collegues want to see what the server looked like and installed it on a Windows 2008 R2 server… never told me, but the result was the same.

Sorry for troubling you!