Restore button. Confirmation without a graphical interface via the command line. What about adding this option?

Hi @uroni! This post is about the idea of adding a new feature to UrBackup.

Currently Restore button works with confirmation only if client have GUI.
I can enable Restore button without confirmation (RESTORE=server-confirms), but as you wrote it’s not secure (theoretical data loss scenario is an attacker taking control of your backup server, deleting all backups and then deleting all files on the clients via restores)

What about creating confirmation by command for example urbackupclientctl confirm-restore-from-web and restore process will start?


  • Choose a folder in the web and click Restore;
  • At the client:
    # urbackupclientctl confirm-restore-from-web
    Are you sure you want to start restore files initiated form server (at the web)??? yes
    Files was restored successfully!

I think it will be very useful.

I did requested similar

Send URL please