Restore backup in different logical volumen with one physical hard drive

Hello everyone.

I have a machine with 3 volumes (C:(1TB), E:(1TB),F:(1TB)) in one hard drive the backup is good for the 3 volumes.

my problem is when I try restore the backup, I want to restore the backup in one machine that it have one hard drive (4tb).

I made 3 partition first (C:(1TB), E:(1TB),F:(1TB)) then

I put the usb memory with urbackup restore iso, I can see the different backup that I made in the pass, the urbackup show me the 3 volumes that I made the backup (C:,E:,F:), I shoose restore the volume C:

my problem is that urbackup only show me the hard drive with 3TB I don’t know why the urbackup not show me the 3 partition that I made in the first step.

I made tha partition with other program.

The volume c: restoration is good, the windows boot good

You’ll have to use the command line for that for now: