Restore 2.0.2 in VMware Workstation not possibly

Hello community!

Yesterday I want to restore a virtual machine in my VMware Workstation 11.
I have inserted the Restore CD and have booted up. The boot lasted relatively long and in the connection the urbackup server (2.0.30) could not be found. About the shell the problem became rather quickly evident: No network interface was found.

With the old restore CD (1.4) the network drivers are recognised, however, the authentication in the server is not possible.

Is this problem known and does give it a solution for it?

Depends wich type of network card you selected for the vm…
the E1000 “should” always work…

In VMware Workstation there are no option for the type of network card.

I add some pictures, which show what the problem is:

This step take a long time…

Interface configuration. There no network interface.

I am testing urbackup and face this same problem. I can boot the virtual machine from the urbackup-recover-ISO, but this configuration does not detect the networtk adapter.

Did anybody found a solution for this?