Reset file history

Hi all. Need some insight. Every time I setup a client the server detects it automatically and starts creating either a full backup of the files or a full image. This happens even before I can select the individual files and folders I want to back up. It happened quite a few times while I was trying to figure everything out. Now that I have all I want just like I’d like, I want to reset the file history and logs to “start fresh”. or be it, I’d like to delete everything except the server settings and any client settings. Then start a clean, fresh, full backup of both the files and images.

Can this be done without having to uninstall, reinstall and redo everything?

You can currently either rename the client and completely remove the old client or manually remove the backups from the backup storage and run remove_unknown.bat to sync the removal with the database.

Thanks for replying but that won’t work for me. The bat files spit out a lot of errors pertaining to NTDLL.DLL. and some KT*.dll also.