[Request] Individual settings for clients


Yes I know that I can make Individual settings for clients but what I’m talking about is the ability to only change some of the settings individually.

Like Soft Quota.
Now I set it for all my clients but if I need to make the quota larger for 1 client it looses the ability to get all the other settings from the system. Like if I want to change the backup window I have to change it under “General client settings” and then also under all the clients I’ve made any other change to.
Mayby a checkbox beside the setting that should be set individually and inherit the other settings from the system?

Just a thought.


Hi i am new to this software, i found out about the server side client settings page.

But how can i setup for example only one client to run image backups and specific settings per client nto defaults for all of them.

If you have a few clients with the same settings you would use GROUPS, if however you think all clients will be different then you can set them per client (like a group just for each client).

GROUPS are Settings > Add a new group
CLIENTS in the same area (Settings) just select the client from the drop down menu…

There icons next to each settings, i am working through this myself, so someone else likely should explain which icon means what as i have issues with the group settings as it is.