Request: highlight clients with "separate settings"

Is there a way to list or optionally highlight client machines that have the “separate settings” checked? I have a couple of windows client machines with a D:/ drive that we are also backing up. I can do this easily with the “separate settings” option, however, I recently needed to make a global change that does not get set on those clients, so I had to click through each one to see if I marked them as separate.

In the meantime, I’ve created a list for myself of the special clients. But it would be nice if there names were highlighted with a different color or an asterisk in the drop-down list for clients on the settings page.

Thanks in advance!

I was just thinking this the other day as well. I couldn’t remember which ones had custom settings, had to check each one.

I have a number of clients configured with ‘separate settings’.
When I change a global setting I have to try and remember which clients.

Could it be an optional column on the web interface status page?

2.1.x does this now on the settings page. Is that enough?

Thanks. Sorry I didn’t realise.
I’m currently running the 2.0.x train.
I’d really like to try all the new features of 2.1.x but 2.0.x is very stable and I’m a little reluctant to make the jump just yet.

I agree with hippy. I’m also on the 2.0.x branch and am reluctant to change. I accept this as a solution, and will let you know when I’m brave enough to upgrade to 2.1.x

Thanks again!