Request feature

First ,thanks you for your job. urbackup is a great program .

i hope add a few feauture.

  1. User-defined backup destination directories are supported.

2.File backup supports compression

  1. image backup supports filtering of unwanted files or folders.

Yes, would be nice indeed.

I doubt it will be added because of the complexity, and the fact that it can already be achieved by using btrfs or zfs as filesystem.

Can already be done by excluding them from VSS.

yeah. sometimes . in the same client need backup to storeage 1 or stroeage 2. beacuse there are diffirent typys of data.

such as system image or files backup all place the same storeage. this is bad. they can’t be place of diffirent storeage. some of backup is immportand or not。 it should every backup can set diffirent storeage that they need .

System images and file backups are all kept together. This is not good. They should be kept in different locations. Or each backup should be assigned a different location.

Why isnt it good?

exmple , some of files need to archive and save to tape. system image only save one week .doesn’t need to archive. system image isn’t too importand, files are importand,