Report mail don't send. I can only send test

I can’t recive any mail to the now urbackup server when clients end the task.

I have the same issue but never get a answer from anyone :frowning:

What is the question?
Specifically this part “to the now urbackup server when clients end the task.”…i can read it 10 times but cant interpret what it is you are asking.

Hi @DaaNMaGeDDoN ,

for example i have the following problem :

  1. I have configured the mail setings under Settings → Email, when i have fill out the form i enter for testing my mail into the test mail field and click save and i get the mail from urbackup.
    So it looks its working correct.

  2. now i try to configure the Reports so that i get a daily status of the backups.
    I go to Logs , select filter : All and All Clients.
    Than i scroll down and Select live log : All Clients.
    Under Send Reports to i add my outlook mail, select Send : All and Minimum Log Level : Info and save it.
    Next day when i check the mailbox i see no mail, at the Logfiles from Urbackup i see following :

WARNING: Error sending mail to “”. Failure when receiving data from the peer(ec=56), . Retrying in 30m

The OS where UrBackup is installed is Windows Server 2022 Standard, all Patches are installed.
To send mails out i use

Thanks now it works!

Can you tell me what mail provider you have take and how the settings look and how is your report configuration ?
Maybee with some screenshots ?

So i have solve it self by using another smtp provider.

It looks like that it dont work with but i dont know why, so i look for another one for testing and find what i use for a test.
With this smtp Provider it works out of the box and a very big plus is that this provider have some realy nice report funktions and you see what he get and send out from UrBackup.
1000 Mails per month are free and fr 10.000 you pay only 10 usd.

Due to little to no response here on the forum with many problems, I am posting my solution and experience of the problem here.

I wish people here would not only write that you have fixed the problem which happens very often.

I am grateful for everyone who in the future once takes 5 minutes and provides the solution and writes a short explanation.