Renaming of Client

Dear Team,

In practical, there are situations where Computer/PC remains same and user changes. It is always need to know the status of backup of PC with the existing (New User Names) names. Unfortunately, there is no such provision in URBackup. It is requested to add this feature in upcoming versions.

Further, it is to inform you the following:

  1. When PC installed 1st time, it creates the user name with profile. It is called default profile. Clients in URBackup servers are visible with these names only. By any reason, if we change the user name in the PC, it is displaying new name in the PC, but, not updating in URBackup Server.

  2. When we formatted the PC due to some technical issues and re-installed OS with new user name, URBackup is identifying the PC as new one.

In any case, we are unable to identify the clients with new names. This is the reason, it is requested for renaming the client feature in upcoming versions.

Thank you.

Stumbled in this, even if the current backup is renamed, it appears to “almost” keep the same backup set but always seem sot stumbled in to some issue over the server ID basically resulting in a new backup client being made and loosing the data chain. I would think this might be better done with the client Unique ID and the same, so if the name is changed on the client it follows through to the server to update it. Ergo installing it again with the same ID works then.